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Why Foster or Adopt from A Rotta Love Plus?

Save a life

Each dog that finds its forever home through ARLP’s rehoming program is a dog that would have otherwise been euthanized in a shelter or animal control.  By providing a loving home to one of our dogs, you are literally a life saver! 


Know that what you see is what you get

When you foster or adopt a dog through ARLP you will know exactly what you are getting: a thoroughly evaluated dog with the potential to be a superstar breed ambassador!  If you adopt an ARLP dog, you will know your new dog’s temperament, size, personality, and all of their favorite things.

Have access to ongoing support

ARLP’s support for our fosters and adopters is the BEST.  Our adopters, past and present, rave about the level of support they’ve received after adoption.  We have a dedicated volunteer trainer on call for any situation for one-on-one training.

Enjoy the deepest bond

ARLP has been placing rescued pit bulls and Rottweilers since 1998, and we believe that these breeds are among the most loyal and loving companions you will ever know.  Many of these dogs have seen the worst side of life, which makes them uniquely qualified to enjoy all of the good things life has to offer.  As a foster or adopter, getting to see the “good life” through the eyes of your four-legged bundle of joy will create a bond that will bring unlimited rewards to your own life.  

Support a good cause

Lindsey Bettie

There are no paid positions at ARLP and we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Plus, you will be giving a dog a second chance – what is more beautiful and rewarding than that? 

Save money

If you adopt through ARLP you will be getting a dog that is fully vetted, current on shots, microchipped, AND spayed/neutered for a modest adoption fee -- this saves you money, not to mention the time spent at vet appointments with a new dog. If you foster with our organization, ARLP pays for your foster dog's food, toys, and vet bills.

Make friends

ARLP’s team of volunteers and adopters is a tight-knit community of vibrant people of all ages who bring a wide spectrum of experience, knowledge and passion to our mission.  When you foster with or adopt from ARLP you don't just get a dog, you gain a community.  And who better to appreciate your dog stories more than other pit bull and Rottweiler geeks?


Photos: Tony French

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