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Practical Advice for Living in a World with Dogs

The info on this page is aimed at increasing practical knowledge about day-to-day life in a world with dogs. Check it frequently for updates.  These are community resources so feel free to share them far and wide!


Doggone Run handout: What to do if you encounter a loose dog while exercising

Whether you're a runner, biker, or rollerblader, few things will get your heart pumping more than turning a corner and suddenly being faced with a loose dog, heading right for you. It is important to put a plan in action in place BEFORE you encounter a loose dog, so that you have a better chance of staying calm and safe. Remember, even if you are a 'dog person,' always use caution when encountering a dog that you do not know.


Doggone Walk handout: What to do if an unwelcome dog approaches you when you’re walking yours

Many dogs (including service dogs, some old dogs, dogs who are recovering from an illness, dogs that don’t like other dogs, and dogs that like other dogs too much) need extra space while out for a walk. If you have this type of dog, you know there are few things as frustrating as being accosted by an off-leash dog while enjoying your stroll. Here are a few strategies to use if you encounter an unwelcome dog during your walk.

"Howl"oween: Tips for having a spooktacular holiday with your dog

Holidays are more fun when we can include our dogs in the festivities, but each holiday has its own special considerations when it comes to pets. Halloween -- with its tricks, treats, and hobgoblins -- is no exception. Here are some tips for keeping everyone safe and happy on Halloween!

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